We start with “thinking tools” as a way to help you diagnose and develop creative solutions to a certain challenge.


In my training sessions, I teach people how to execute in the right sequence to get the best possible results.


Over the years, I have given speeches on a wide variety of topics and can tailor a presentations to your specific needs.

Prior Client Assignments Include


This is my passion – to enable you to bring out the best in yourself.

Greg Blackwell
CEO and founder, Trust Performance Coaching

Greg possesses a talent that is often not displayed in the wholesaling world—listening. Not only is he a good listener, but he takes the time to probe and ask questions to better understand rather than make assumptions and move on. This makes the person he is conversing with feel important and understood. It also allows him to build strong relationships.


Greg doesn’t just help others solve problems—his impact goes deeper than that. He helps others to grow, to see their true potential. He “sparks” people to take action. He motivates, he generates excitement.


Greg is a very good listener. He lets me talk without cutting me off. He then provides honest feedback. He thinks things through before he speaks. If he shares his opinion, I know how many times he has thought about or analyzed it.


Greg has good ideas. He’s a thinker. He delivers a useful perspective for his clients to apply and run with.


After being with Greg a relatively short period of time, people can see that he has experienced both rough and good times in his life, and that his experiences allow him to see things from multiple angles, appreciate the plight people are in, be sympathetic to that plight, and offer wise counsel.

Rhode Island

Greg is very good at providing direct feedback on business issues and personal issues. His points are clear and his opinions are strong. He is also willing to hear other viewpoints to potentially form a new opinion. His directness challenges my thinking and makes me a better person.

North Carolina

Greg is highly intelligent, superbly organized, and excellent at working on the detail level to improve production. He is very personable and caring. THE BEST MANAGER I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR.